Voltex Cyber Evo Bonnet for Evo VIII and IX

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  • Brand: http://injectionimports.com/Voltex
  • Product Code: VOL-ET-1
  • Availability: Available For Order

With most aero companies its form over function - but not when it comes to Voltex. As one of the few tuners worldwide to make use of a wind tunnel during testing, their products are pretty much there to guarantee an improvement in aerodynamics over OEM.

The Voltex cyber Evo kit is one of the most aggressive bodykits on the market, and with this bonnet you are sure to turn heads whilst keeping engine temperatures to a minimum. Designed to give maximum cooling efficiency whilst optimising aerodynamic performance, all your needs are sure to be met with this stunning bonnet from Voltex.

The bonnet comes in FRP, with inner rain guards are available separately.

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