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  • Brand: http://injectionimports.com/Feels
  • Product Code: HTC-BD-032P
  • Availability: Available For Order

You can never get enough down force when you're ripping it up on track or on the way to the shops. And you can never have enough Carbon fibre, so these side fins for the OEM FD2 have 2 boxes ticked. A subtle way to add some brutish good looks, plus with some practical performance enhancements these truly are a must have. Available in both standard weave and twill weave coated with anti-ultraviolet protection you know you are getting longevity as well. Please note you are looking at the plain weave carbon option. 

One of the most well-known and respected Honda tuners, FEEL’s has been bringing great design and performance ideas to Hondas for years. Renowned for their quality and limited production runs, most FEELs parts become almost impossible to get hold of once an opportunity passes, so don't miss your chance with these exclusive products from Injection Import

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