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Mugen received a lot of attention with its special edition of the FN2 Civic Type R, The M20. Along with its great looks, its price tag and the limited run they manufactured, it's nigh on impossible for most to get hold of. It is still however possible with their Aero line-up. The Mugen Rear Wing has become the benchmark for most FN2 tuners when it comes to serious mods - it's rare to see a wing as large as Mugen's look so well suited to a car, but as usual Mugen comes up trumps!

As always with Mugen, you know you are getting great quality and a great fit. This rear wing is supplied unpainted and is made of blow moulded ABS so will require painting before fitting.

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known tuners, Mugen is notorious for its success, style, quality and power gains from Hondas. Established in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda’s founder Soichiro Honda, Mugen started with the goal of exploiting as much performance from Hondas as possible. From tuning engines initially, the company spread into looking at the entire car. This resulted in bodykits for cars such as the CRX in the 80s, being the sole supplier of engines for Formula Nippon cars, Formula One participation and the NSX prototype. Every Honda fan knows Mugen, their special editions are coveted the world over and the quality of their parts are second to none. Perfect fit, subtle styling and immense quality all add up to Mugen parts being a no brainer to any Honda Tuner.

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