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  • Brand: http://injectionimports.com/Js-Racing
  • Product Code: PBS-FN2-2
  • Availability: Available For Order

Famed in Japan for their dedication to get the best out of any Honda, putting every effort into Super Taikyu success and just making great looking cars, you are always going to be onto a winner with Js products...especially with an exhaust like this.

Fast driving on the road or track can put a lot of strain on your chassis, causing it to flex and twist as it struggles to go where you want it to. Tightening up your chassis is a very effective way to improve track times or improve driving feel and feedback from the car, and it doesn't have to break the bank in comparison to other performance mods. With this Floor Bar from J's Racing, you can improve the rigidity of your FN2. Fitting the floor bar behind the front seats improves the rigidity of the chassis by reducing its ability to twist under hard driving. As it sits on the floor it also doesn't sacrifice the rear seats.

As with all J's products, great looks come as standard with the polished album strut brace and laser etched logo fixed with gold painted and backed mounting brackets to ensure a lasting finish.

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