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  • Brand: http://injectionimports.com/Spoon
  • Product Code: 51400-EKA-001
  • Availability: Available For Order

It can sometimes be a bit disheartening when you want to improve the sporty feel of your car but don't want to break the bank. When it comes to suspension you are usually left with 2 choices: lowering springs with the sole purpose of looks - as generic as they come; or shelling out a fortune on a full damper set up. We have the answer for you! Spoon have developed this progressive spring set up for the Honda Civic EK4 and EK9 - fully compatible with the OEM shock absorber, these springs will give a slight drop of around 25mm to improve maneuverability whilst reducing vehicle roll under harsh cornering.

With over 30 years of developing parts to get the most out of Hondas, Spoon's heritage as one of the top Honda tuners is indisputable. Their legendary Type One garage in Tokyo has almost become a pilgrimage site to Honda Tuners across the globe - so you can guarantee great products, that have been tried and tested by the best!

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