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  • Brand: http://injectionimports.com/Js-Racing
  • Product Code: ZH-FN2
  • Availability: Available For Order

Famed in Japan for their dedication to get the best out of any Honda, putting every effort into Super Taikyu success and just creating great looking cars, you are always going to be onto a winner with J's products...especially with parts like this.

They may be good at saving the rainforest, but catalytic converters are highly restrictive to your exhaust system. With this De-Cat pipe From J's Racing for your FN2 you can optimise the flow of the exhaust gases by removing the cat. Constructed from C304 Stainless steel it is designed to last and includes sockets for exhaust temperature and oxygen sensors.

Please note that Decat pipes are only suitable for track vehicles and are not road legal.

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