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Often viewed by many as the ultimate air intake system builder, GruppeM brings to you the Ram Air System for the Civic FN2. GruppeM can boast serious torque and power gains with this system, channelling air from the front grille on the underside of the bonnet directly into the air intake. The results are a stable air temperature from a fresh source, instead of a mixture of hot air from the manifold and air from the underside of the engine bay.

Not only do you get a great power boosting air intake kit, you also get a great looking piece of carbon fibre for under your bonnet. As with all GruppeM kits, you will receive all mounting hardware as well as a K&N filter, so you know you get the full package. As it is a genuine K&N filter it can be serviced the same as any other.

Please note this intake kit will only work on RHD cars!

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