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If heavy gear knobs is your bag, then this genuine Seeker 5 speed is for you! Weighted to 400g this knob gives a much more precise shift feel without any detrimental effect to the gears. Made from stainless steel this gear knob features a titanium alumite nitride coating and laser-etched shift pattern, giving it a very distinctive finish. It is recommend that the Honda supplied lock nut is used with these gear knobs as they don't have a locking thread pattern. The diameter is 47mm.

For the ultimate in JDM points for your Honda look no further than Seeker! This tiny 2 man outfit from Tokyo has forged a huge reputation in Japan for its Honda tuning abilities. Their Touge prepped EG6 is almost uncatchable on the mountains, and their widebodied S2000 is a beast on the track. Due to their size, the vast majority of parts are hand made by the guys themselves so you can rest assured nothing substandard ever leaves the building.

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