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If you have racing harnesses fitted (or just regularly dump heavy items on the passenger sea) then this is just the thing for you. To cancel the incredibly irritating beeping to warn you that the seatbelt has not been plugged in, simply plug this into the relevant seatbelt clip and enjoy the sound of your exhaust instead of the inane BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP ...... Made from red anodized aluminium and with the Seeker logo cut out it looks the business, and with a keyring hole in the top you can easily keep it with your keys at all times.

For the ultimate in JDM points for your Honda look no further than Seeker! This tiny 2 man outfit from Tokyo has forged a huge reputation in Japan for its Honda tuning abilities. Their Touge prepped EG6 is almost uncatchable on the mountains, and their widebodied S2000 is a beast on the track. Due to their size, the vast majority of parts are hand made by the guys themselves so you can rest assured nothing substandard ever leaves the building.

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