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You can never have enough information under harsh driving conditions, and recognizing this Seeker have produced a subtle meter pod to integrate an additional 3 guages into your dash. Accepting any standard 60mm gauge the choice is yours as to what gauges you would like to install. Please note there are no gauges included with the kit, they must be purchased separately. It comes with double sided tape for easy mounting without having to drill holes in your dash. And as with all Seeker products, it comes in a great dull finish ready for fitment straight away.

For the ultimate in JDM points for your Honda look no further than Seeker! This tiny 2 man outfit from Tokyo has forged a huge reputation in Japan for its Honda tuning abilities. Their Touge prepped EG6 is almost uncatchable on the mountains, and their widebodied S2000 is a beast on the track. Due to their size, the vast majority of parts are hand made by the guys themselves so you can rest assured nothing substandard ever leaves the building.

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