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I started Injection Imports in 2010 when I found that my addiction to JDM meant I had more parts for my Civic than money in the bank. Frowned upon by the wife (and my bank manager), I turned my addiction into a business. I started off by selling parts here and there, making contacts with Japan and speaking to as many tuners as possible, before taking on the UK & Europe franchise for Touge Distribution. We moved from a converted bedroom to taking on warehouse space and for a year and a half we grew the business and gained a number of great customers. Moving away from Touge in November 2011, Injection Imports went solo and with the lessons from so many failed parts companies firmly in mind we made it our central objectives to provide a great service and have open dialogue with our customers at all times.

Facts About Me

  • I’m the boss
  • I currently drive a Honda S2000 (which is especially fun in the changeable Scottish weather)
  • I once put Gullwing doors on a 6th gen Civic (along with racing stripes) – ahead of my time, but still hideous
  • In my spare time I try (and usually fail) to put outrageous mods on my car without the wife noticing

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I co-founded Injection Imports in 2010 when I saw my friend’s addiction to all things Japanese spiral out of control. When he wasn’t eating Pocky or drinking Saki, he was buying Mugen parts and attaching J’s Racing stickers to random cars. It was disconcerting. Rather than therapy, I agreed that a good move forward would be to turn this compulsion into a business. With one eye on the marketing side and the other on stock control (working with a JDM-addict has its own challenges) we worked hard to grow the Touge franchise before building our own platform and increasing our market past Europe to the whole world.

Facts About Me
  • I take care of marketing – digital/online, campaigns and business strategy
  • I don’t drive a Japanese car but I do like the colour red
  • If I had the cash I’d take a GTR – that’d do nicely!
  • In my space time I enjoy eating Kobe beef (or 神戸ビーフ as I like to call it)

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Our mantra is simple – if it’s available in Japan, we'll do everything possible to get it to you for the lowest possible price. We have a warehouse in central Scotland where we stock-hold certain product lines and take delivery of shipments direct from Japan – so get in touch if you’re looking for genuine JDM parts at the lowest possible price. 

Contact us for a price today - info@injectionimports.com

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